Whimsical Butterflies

Butterfly Gifts For Under $20

Shop our selections of beautiful gifts featuring butterflies, all priced for under $20. You’ll find butterfly posters, and ornaments, notebooks, and more featuring beautiful butterflies.

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Whimsical Butterfly Photo Frame

This Butterfly Photo Frame will give that touch of Spring to your girl’s room. The whimsical flower and butterfly are stylish and fun.

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Pink Whimsical Butterfly

Thumbnail image for Pink Whimsical Butterfly

Imagine a summer country garden with this sweet creature: a whimsical smiling butterfly with a green body and large pink and yellow wings.

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Red and Yellow Butterfly

Thumbnail image for Red and Yellow Butterfly

A whimsical, vibrantly colored butterfly has orange red and yellow wings.

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Blue and Beige Butterfly

Thumbnail image for Blue and Beige Butterfly

This whimsical butterfly has beige wings with blue markings with a hint of a tartan pattern.

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